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  • The smell of the smoke being exhaled into the air
  • Most guys associate smoking as being naughty or slutty and watching a female smoke can be a huge turn on for those types of males
  • The Art of moving the cigarette to the lips slowly and inhaling can be looked at as oral skills
  • Inhaling smoke and then exhaling can be seen as a sexual thing - As seen as the smoke inside her then exhaled outside of her  can be associated as being inside of her
  • The look of a hot female with painted lips inhaling and the staining of the lipstick on the stubb
  • The Oral Visual Affects 
  • Domination side of it if into the whole BDSM Dominatrix side of things
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Gorgeous girls who enjoy smoking for you on webcam. These females enjoy all types of sexy smoking for you no matter what it is you seek. From the uniqueness of smoking to the actual brand of the cigarettes to when she smoke them to the exact mannerisms while smoking them. Every aspect of the whole fetish is a huge turn on and subtly unique to the fetishists alike there are so many different sexual stimulations listed throughout this site with pictures and videos for all those who enjoy the visual side of things Sexual Stimulation at it's best! Watch sexy milf cams here

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Smoking Fetish Cams

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  1. Dangling the ciggy from her lips as she looks through her handbag for something
  2. Long manicured nails round the cigarette
  3. Big deep long inhales and then a huge puff of the smoke she blows to the side of her
  4. Men enjoy lighting the cigarette because of the eye contact involved can be very erotic
  5. White filters are always a must because they can see the stain of her lips on it much better
  6. Dark colored lipstick is usually always a hot favorite
  7. A female Masturbating while smoking can be a huge turn on - 
  8. Lettingthe ash grow without flicking, but the flicking can be a huge turn on as well  - A constant Asher
  9. Smoke rings, when a girl blows smoke ring sat them or blowing the smoke in their face
  10. Tapping her cigarette on the box before she lights it up

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So what is it about Smoking that turns Some men on?

7 Things that Arouse men about Sexy Females Smoking

The Best Live Smoking Web Cams Online

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Smoking and Bdsm Together

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Why Do some Submissive men Enjoy Smoking fetish/ What happens in these types of sessions?

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Some Appealing ways that turn Fetishists on When Females Smoke

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  • Smoking makes the dominant women look more powerful and the submissive relates this to authority
  • Becoming a human ashtray  - makes them feel like  a loser but closer to Mistress
  • Made to clean Ashtray
  • Always having to light the Dominatrix cigarette
  • The smell of the smoke being blown in their face
  • Flicking the ash on them
  • Blowing it on their cock and balls
  • Forced smoking
  • Blowbacks from Mistress
  • Being turned into a smoking addict
  • Smoking torture
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10 Things a lady does when she smokes that drive men nuts

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