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10 Reasons Guys Have  A Foot Fetish

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To Enjoy looking and massaging ladies feet in an erotic way is a foot fetish, if it turns you on sexually. Here is why:

One of the most popular fetishes is feet, just go into any live adult chat room or forum or tube site and the most viewed pictures or videos are always off sexy feet  ( in the fetish section), webcams are no different, a pair of sexy feet close up to the cam, hot girls sucking their toes or massaging the soles of their feet. If the idea of this gets you hot then step into these live streaming foot chat rooms and instruct our sexy webcam models

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10 Things Foot Fetishists Enjoy

Foot Fetish Cams

  • Licking a girl's sexy feet
  • Manicured feet and toes
  • Caressing and rubbing them
  • Rubbing them slowly and using ointments on them
  • Playing with the arches
  • Sucking the toes
  • Painted toenails 
  • Sexy Arches
  • Sweaty soles
  • crushing, trampling, foot smothering and footjobs

These are just some of the things our foot fetishists enjoy but read on as we have plenty more information about this erotic, fetish and those who just adore it. From the bdsm side to the erotic vanilla side foot fetish is one of the most popular fetishes there is. Just like some guys love big tits others love to worship a beautiful women's feet, toes and arches, or rub them sensually and if they are good at what they do they can bring a girl to an orgasm. You can even check out our foot fetish cams here

  • - The surface of the brain that relates to the foot also relates to the genitals, creating a “crosswire” to be turned on by the foot
  • - As a baby, rolling around on the floor, they may have been rubbed by someone's foot and that touch is now imprinted on the brain
  • - For Submissive men, it is being “forced” to worship the lowest part of her body, the part that walks on the floor
  • - They saw their first “crush” (before they even knew what that was!) rubbing their feet 
  • - As a child, they saw an older girl rub her feet and the feeling of being aroused has developed a foot fetish
  • - They enjoy shoes or stockings and the female foot is associated strongly with these two things
  • - As a child, barefooted women had their feet close to them when they were on the floor and the image stuck
  • - The thought of getting a footjob is naughty and kinky and a huge turn on
  • - For some, the arch of the sole resembles the female vagina and they associate the image
  • - And finally, The smooth, unwrinkled and perfect skin of a woman's feet look absolutely perfect and untouched, creating a fixed feeling of euphoria in a man's brain due to the absence of abnormalities
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